Website Design & Development

We design and enhance both aesthetics and functionality for new and existing websites. Is your website layout outdated, hard to navigate, unmanagable? MerchantLinx can help, by providing website redesign services, including usability improvements such as intuitive navigation or forms to collect user information. We also offer functionality enhancements such as e-commerce integration to present and maintain product/inventory, as well as e-commerce solutions for shopping-cart, checkout and payment acceptance. Custom web applications will attract visitors and improve conversion by offering useful tools including keyword search tools and categorized, "drill-down" product presentation, reducing customer service needs and website maintenance. In addition, our search optimization service (SEO) guarantees increased traffic and visibility to your website. Our SEO improves search-rank naturally, without the need for expensive advertising costs.

Website Redesign

Modernize outdated websites, enable intuitive navigation and improve overall usability

Website Repair

Fix broken forms or features which do not function properly, or improve performance of inefficient or slow functionality

Content Management System (CMS)

Maintain your webpages yourself from our easy to use web console. Our intuitive webpage admin interface enables you to maintain your own webpage content, no technical experience required! Eliminate web designer fees and confusing source code.

"Web Content Admin"® from MerchantLinx provides intuitive menu options, enabling you to visually update webpages. You are provided a graphical, easy-to-use control panel, enabling full access to make these cosmetic settings and more:

  • add/remove pages
  • Upload images and documents directly to your website server
  • Add, remove or update text copy
  • Change colors, size, font style and alignment of text
  • Replace, resize, add or remove images
  • Change colors of table cells, buttons, borders or entire background
  • Change, remove or add navigation links for text and images

Additionally, database content administration may be integrated to your admin interface, allowing easy/efficient management of data contained in an existing* database, including:

  • Manage text, descriptions or quantity of your inventory or product data
  • Easily view and manage sales and orders collected
  • Manage or group customers, accounts and address data
  • Maintain data stored from sign up, request and inquiry forms or guest lists
  • View, maintain or export your stored data
  • Separate and group customers or sales data to create custom e-mail or mailing lists
  • Generate reports based on demographics, sales and other statistics

See Database Integration* to add new database capability to your site (a prerequisite for database administration).

Weblogs ("Blogs") & Forums

A weblog, also referred to as a "blog" or forum, enables your website visitors to communicate and encourage interaction with others holding the same interests and ideas. They additionally provide an excellent channel to create more visibility and popularity to your site, allowing your target audience to publicly view, post and respond to comments. Multiple rooms can be managed as well, each focussing on an individual subject or idea.

Google Blogger Enforce registration/login for viewing and/or posting of comments, or enable access without. The standard review feature lets you review and approve comments before they're made visible to the public.

>> DEMO 1: MerchantLinx Bulletin
>> DEMO 2: Soldiers United Forum

Mobile Websites

Instant Messaging & Chat

Instantaneous communication between two or more parties is also available via public or private chat rooms. This is a more personal and direct approach to providing communication with, or among visitors, and the ideal choice for customer service requests, information requests or product inquiries. Chat can be disabled within a custom time-frame. Optionally, enable an email or text message to automatically alert you when visitors (or a particular visitor) enters your chat-room.

Load-time Reduction

There is an approximate three-second rule online searchers will tolerate before aborting the load of a website. This means you may be losing valuable visitors due to slow loading of your webpages. There are several relatively simple techniques to correct this issue, and others we may incorporate if necessary, which include server compression, caching, include files and page-structure optimization.

Google has recently, officially announced the addition of "site speed" as a new component in their search ranking algorithms. This is another indirect benefit to this service (our search rank improvement (SEO) services do not focus directly on load-time enhancements). This service directly focusses on factors to improve page-load time and site speed.

Database integration

A database provides numerous advantages, management of product inventory, customers, orders or any information you choose to store. Efficient display of data products and other content.

Combine this service with database administration to easily update your product inventory (titles, descriptions, inventory, stock status, pricing, etc) or customer information without the need for tedious, time-consuming manual interaction or individual webpage modifications. A necessity for e-commerce or data oriented websites displaying any form of data.

You may also integrate an administrative interface to manage data from easy to use menu console.

Translation & Multilingual Support

Add on-the-fly language translation to your website for any or all major world languages. Add clickable, international flags, text links displayed in relevant language, options, or automatic, seamless display of the native, local language based on the country/location of the request. Server and page level configuration is included to include and enable display of international font sets on your website (services offered by competitors who do not accomodate international language fonts will not truly enable foreign fonts to render properly!).
>> DEMO: Multi-Lingual Integration (click flag icons)

E-commerce, Shopping Cart & Payment Solutions

shopping cart Integrate a website shopping cart, or add checkout functionality via third-party payment solutions such as PayPal, Google or Amazon. Other custom options are also available.

  • PayPal standard, advanced and custom checkout
  • Third-party shopping cart packages
  • Integrated website cart/checkout
  • B2B & B2C industry solutions (including Websphere)
  • Site-wide cart status/content display
  • Product/Inventory database management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The vast majority of online traffic is generated by search engines. Without them, even the most successful websites such as Amazon and Ebay would cease to exist. Google and other major search engines "crawl" the web and associate sites with their corresponding content. To achieve success your website must obtain high positioning in search results in order to be visible by those searching for related content.

MerchantLinx offers quality search-engine optimization (SEO) for website visibility and improvement of placement within the majority of online search-results. Our techniques comply with W3C and Google standards, and conform to approved "white hat" SEO practices. We understand it requires a committed effort and wide-range of enhancements to achieve true gains in SEO, and provide this as part of our comprehensive, multi-tier strategy. Our approach involves optimization of server-level files and configuration, in addition to page content, structure and tags. Our goal is improving your online search-rank and website traffic naturally without expensive advertising.

Basic SEO Package

We guarantee results, and provide free in-depth analysis of your site and configuration, including tracking to monitor site-performance and traffic statistics. Using this data, we compile a complete SEO strategy containing options to decrease cost for those looking to keep costs within budget. If you're satisfied with your website's content/layout, we can still improve your search ranking without affecting design.

Advanced SEO Package

SEO Maintenance Plans

Performance Tracking

Website and traffic tracking provides statistical data such as keywords enterred to locate your site, demographics, search engines used, returning vs. new visitors, shopping metrics and more. Creation, configuration and implementation of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and custom inhouse tracking solutions.

Marketing & Advertising

MerchantLinx provides commission-based sales and customer lead generation, as well as internet affiliate/merchant management and marketing services.

Commission-based Sales

MerchantLinx offers generation of customer leads for jobs or services. We also provide management of online sales, including:

  • Online sales management - Allow us to manage your online sales and ad listings for products you wish to sell via Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc. This can include ad listings containing text and image content, customer interaction, as well as shipping. Merchantlinx handles the entire transaction in return for a 15%-20% commission of the overall sale (in addition to ad and shipping charges).
  • Customer leads - We provide generation of customers leads for your business at a set fee. Commission-based
  • Website payment integration - We provide implementation of PayPal and Google checkout functionality to enable your website the ability to accept payments for goods and services sold.

Merchant Marketing Services

  • Google Adwords, AdSense and Google Shopping
  • Amazon Seller accounts
  • Ebay Stores and bids
  • Affiliate/Merchant services
  • Product data feeds
  • Craigslist
  • Banner ads
  • Shopping comparison portals - Single or Multi-Merchant price-comparison shops. Setup affiliate relationships with merchants and start earning commission for items sold online.

    << DEMO >>

Web Hosting

MerchantLinx offers affordable website hosting to accompany new websites, or for those seeking better hosting rates. Affordable, reliable and secure Linux web hosting is available through MerchantLinx. Our standard plan features unlimited bandwidth, hosting of up to five domains/subdomains and multiple email accounts, PHP 5 and five databases! Basic hosting services are provided complimentary, including domain transfers (from an existing host), configuration of new registered domains and initial setup.

We offer many other services and custom solutions available.Contact us to learn more about services not listed.